Command the Stage

Command the Stage

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Learn to speak like the Pros! You'll discover the behind-the-scenes process successful speakers use before stepping out in front of an audience AND what to do when they get there. Command the Stage was endorsed by:

  • 2 World Champions of Public Speaking AND
  • 3 past presidents of national and international speaking organizations.

Command the Stage is different because it's written from the musician's mindset by a trumpeter turned speaker with 30 years of stagetime experience. You will be more organized and comfortable when you face your next presentation. You'll wish you'd found this book sooner. Why?

Because this easy-to-read book walks you through speech development all the way to delivery, providing smart strategies along the way. It’s your practical guide, whether you are delivering a safety briefing, a wedding toast, presenting at a community meeting, or headlining the annual company dinner. You'll connect with your audience and they with you.

With in-depth guidance, learn how to take your written material and create a visual landscape on the page that is easy to navigate during your preparation time so you profit greatly from that time. If you need your notes on stage, there are more super tips to help you in ways most don't think about.

After reading Commannd the Stage, you'll be able to:

✓ Deal with nerves
✓ Organize your thoughts
✓ Learn your material more easily
✓ Develop your delivery skills
✓ Identify critical pre-event considerations
✓ Present with or without notes
✓ Connect with your audience

You’ll also learn the immense value of

  • incorporating margin notes
  • why and how to practice
  • dos and don’ts for effective visual overheads
  • what to do when “you’re on”

Command the Stage was written thoughtfully and with the goal of helping you succeed!