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Dig into the past and bring dinosaurs back to life with this dino-mite encyclopedia for kids!

Embark on an epic journey back in time and learn all there is to know about dinosaurs big and small — from tiny, chicken-sized Compsognathus to the mighty, long-necked Brachiosaurus. This is the ultimate dinosaur reference book!

Meet the incredible creatures of the prehistoric world with this children’s educational book about dinosaurs. It includes:

   • The perfect introduction to a subject that fascinates children and ties in with a key school topic.
   • A fresh new look with updated photography, fun diagrams and new “eyewitness” features.
   • Updated information by expert consultants in the field.
   • A unique visual approach that immerses children on every page, and an added wall chart full of facts and images.

DK Eyewitness Dinosaur looks closely at different types of dinosaurs and their body parts,
diets, senses, evolution and more. Did you know that a herd of ornithomimids could sprint from danger at a speed of up to 40mph (64km/h)? Or that the long-necked Diplodocus was one of the largest dinosaurs to have ever walked on Earth, measuring up to 108 feet (33m).

Packed with incredible statistics and facts about dinosaurs written in easy-to-grasp text, this kids book will help cultivate the paleontologists of tomorrow. Colorful, factual illustrations and fascinating first-hand accounts from experts offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

With a groundbreaking visual approach and clear, child-friendly text, DK Eyewitness books have been a trusted favorite for parents, teachers and school-age children since 1985. Now with an exciting makeover, this popular series has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorers!