Best Canadian Stories 2021

Best Canadian Stories 2021

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Selected by guest editor Diane Schoemperlen, the 2021 edition of Best Canadian Stories continues not only a series, but a legacy in Canadian letters.

“The best short stories,” writes editor Diane Schoemperlen, “are disruptive in all the best ways, diverse in all senses of the word, always looking back and leading forward at the same time … they must be written in the world, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of more horrifying news every day.” Submitted and published by Canadian writers in 2020, Schoemperlen’s selections for Best Canadian Stories 2021 feature work by established practitioners of the form alongside exciting newcomers, and stories published by leading magazines and journals as well as those appearing in print for the first time—all of which, as Schoemperlen writes, “bring us news of the world and the shape of things to come.”

Featuring work by:

Senaa Ahmad
Chris Bailey
Shashi Bhat
Megan Callahan
Francine Cunningham
Lucia Gagliese
Alice Gauntley
Don Gillmor
Angélique Lalonde
Elise Levine
Colette Maitland
Sara O’Leary
Jasmine Sealy
Joshua Wales
Joy Waller