Entershine Molybdomancy Kit

Entershine Molybdomancy Kit

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In Finland, people call it Tinanvalanta. In Germany, it’s called Bleigießen.

On New Year’s Eve, people melt a small amount of tin and then toss the liquid metal into water or snow. The result is an oddly shaped mini metal “sculpture” believed to hint at your year to come.

This is your very own Molybdomancy kit, containing a bottle of 99.9% pure tin--enough to make one divination figure--and step by step instructions.

 Along with this kit, you will need:

  • A large spoon, ladle, or small pan (i.e., something to heat the tin in).
  • A heat source such as a stove element or a large candle.
  • A bowl or bucket of cold water to quickly cool the molten tin.

 To create your molybdomancy figure, follow these steps:

  1. Take the bottle of tin in your hand and roll it between your palms to “transfer your energy” to the tin.
  2. Uncork the bottle and carefully pour your tin beads into the spoon, ladle, or small pan.
  3. Heat the tin over a flame or stove element on HIGH. This shouldn’t take a lot of time since tin is a metal with one of the lowest melting points at 232 °C (450 °F).
  4. As soon as the tin is fully liquified, immediately pour the tin into the cold water or onto snow.
  5. The tin will harden into an unusual, one-of-a kind shape.
  6. Examine the result and look for any recognizable figure that may suggest what is in store for you during the upcoming year.
  7. If you are having a hard time seeing a figure, use a light source to project its shadow onto a wall. Your figure should now be easier to discern.
  8. Keep your molybdomancy creation close to you at all times to ensure your fortune comes true!

 For more info, there are loads of molybdomancy videos on YouTube.